• Powerful Video Creator Infused With AI Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Talking person That Look Exactly Like You From A Single Photo!
  • The AI behind this technology learns the facial geometry of your face to create a super-realistic talking 3d model of the you.
  • It has overcome some of the most challenging aspects of creating automatic 3d models when it comes to humans. This includes realistic eyes, teeth, head turns and clothes that exactly matches with the person in the selfie.
  • You can upload your existing videos and add talking MugJams(your 3D AI) on top of it.
  • You can also control the size and position of the MugJams(your 3D AI) that automatically lip-syncs with the audio within the video.
  • Animation experts have spent months creating high-quality templates for almost every category you could imagine. These custom made templates accurately fit the MugJams(your 3D AI) and work with them harmoniously.

MugJam is a New Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Cast Yourself As A Professional Spokesperson Without Being On Camera.

With MugJam you can:

  • Create stunning videos using MugJam’s professional templates created by team of animation experts and cast yourself as the central character. MugJam have perhaps the most diverse set of templates you’ve ever seen.
  • You can render your talking MugJam with a green screen background. Import this green screen talking MugJam into any third-party video editing apps like After Effects or Camtasia.
  • Want to add MugJams on top of your existing videos? You absolutely can. This is a powerful way to get your face in front of your audiences without being on camera. Works best for the tutorial, gaming, and training videos.
  • Record your own voice within the app or upload a ready-made voiceover to the app and the MugJams will automatically lip-sync to it.
  • MugJam works with almost every language. Our Templates as well as Text to Speech supports a wide variety of languages.
  • MugJam also creates similar clothes for your MugJams that you are wearing in the selfie.
  • Enhanced Text-To-Speech: This is the highest quality and natural sounding Text To Speech ever. We also let you control the voice Pitch, Speed and lots more…
  • The MugJams look and turn around randomly which imitates the natural speaking movements of a professional spokesperson.
  • Add Your MugJams On Top of Your Existing Videos. MugJams will automatically lip-sync to your video’s audio
  • MugJam provides Professional and Custom Done For You Templates That Let You Create Videos Using Your MugJams Instantly

Watch it in action

Why you need this:

  • No need to be on camera or setup an expensive recording studio. Just upload your photo, make a few tweaks and voila!
  • You’ve got a spokesperson version of yourself you can use in a number of ways.
  • Plus, Mugjam syncs your audio perfectly with your spokesperson avatar so it looks as if you’re doing the talking!
  • There’s perfect eye movement, head turns, speech movement and more.
  • The best part of Mugjam is that it can be used in a number of ways to create just about any scenario for video that you could ever wish for.

Want to create a spokesperson for a real estate service? No problem.

Want to add a spokesperson over an existing video and sync the audio? Easy peasy.

Have a presentation you don’t want to be on camera for? Mugjam can handle it with 100% simplicity.

How does it work:

Step1: Choose a template of the kind of video you want to create.

Step 2: Upload your image as it will brilliantly convert it to AI.

Step 3: Upload your voice over,add voice over or use the text to speech option and select a voice with your favourite accent to speak for you.

Step 4: Render by directly posting Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, download it now or send download link to your email/client’s email.

What you are getting:

MugJam Premium
Create 3D MugJamsUse Your Own VideosTemplate-Based Video Creator07+ Template CategoriesNatural Head Turns30+ Predefined TemplatesRealistic Clothes ClonerAutomatic Lip-SyncNatural Eye + TeethEnhanced Text-To-SpeechMultiple LanguagesUse Your Own Voiceplus extra bonus likeLive Training CallBusiness Finder App32 In 1 SEO ToolsAgency Website

What are the upgrade:

OTO1: MugJam Pro

MugJam Pro introduces compelling features to give users an edge over others. Powerful features include, Green Screen Video Up to 5 Mins Video Upload Additional 50+ Voice Models (Amazon Polly Integration)Download Never ExpiresCreate Unlimited AvatarsUpload Video To Multiple Networks At Once (Post Render) (Upload to Youtube, Vimeo and Twitter)VIP Support

OTO2:MugJam Assets Club 

As soon as the user gets MugJam Assets Club, they’ll unlock the following assets instantly.20 Additional Templates Training To Create Professional Grade Fake Human Photos To Help Users Create Unlimited AvatarsAccess to millions of Stock Image (In-Built Stock Photos)Higher Priority For Template Requests And Every Month User Gets Following…One Additional Template Each MonthThree Extra Background Music Each Month

OTO3: MugJam Agency

Ability To Create High Converting & Eye Catching Landing Pages for Each ProjectLanding Page HostingNo MugJam Branding Visible on The Landing PageAbility To Create MugJam Sub-Accounts Assign Projects To Your Sub-AccountsAbility To Assign Your Own Domain To Landing PagesEach Landing Page has Comments That Clients Can Read and Reply TooAbility to delete a comment for an agency ownerVideo Hosting by MugJamAbility to Collect Leads For Your Video Service On Your Client Review Landing Page (MugJam emails the lead to you as soon as someone opts-in).


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