VidScribe powerful AI based software will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into any language you want, not just the text, but also the audio.

  • it can Automatic Video Subtitles In Any Language
  • it can Automatic Audio Dubbing In Any Language
  • Automatically upload to YouTube and to Facebook for maximum reach.
  • Standalone app generates your videos instantly. No queueing or waiting.
  • 100% safe and in your control. Desktop app protects you from spammer users.

About the app

VidScribe  powerful AI based software that explodes your free traffic by getting you traffic from places that you’ve never tapped before — people who are looking for content in other languages.

and it will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into any language you want and creating a 100% fresh video with subtitles or redubbed audio in the language of your choice.

With VidScribe  you can:

  • rank higher by giving your youtube language STRs
  • Target unexploited and exclusive traffic that marketing sharks have left alone.
  • Tap a higher % of your local market as well as big global audience
  • Make every video get you 5x – 10x more viewers
  • Use local language Closed Captions (SRTs) to get more search from YouTube & Google
  • Attract FB viewers even when their sound is off.
  • Get #1 spots on SERPs for keywords with insanely high volumes
  • Get natural sounding speech in multiple languages using the same technology behind Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Automatically subtitles your video with high-visibility subtitles in multiple colors. You get an immediate viewership boost in local languages
  • Uploads videos on auto to YouTube, to Facebook & even to Instagram & Snapchat (through Dropbox)
  • Modify anything you want including the transcription, translation or the redub (voice-over) synchronisation.
  • Get highly accurate videos with best in class transcriptions, translations and redubbing (voice-over) all done for you.
  • Feed it any YouTube URL or video and VidScribe AI will automatically download the video to transcribe, translate and redub it.
  • Uses a constantly improving, highly trained AI to give you the most accurate machine translations around.

Watch it in action

Why you need this:

Have you ever tried to create a video in a language apart from the one you usually use, but quickly realized that it was time-consuming, tedious & complicated.

Unless you have got all the time in the world & expensive software to perform all the work for you.                         

But what if it didn’t have to be so complicated? What if you could have a software that can easily convert your present video in the language of your choice and get more local targeted traffic?

The good news, finally a solution has come up that lets you perform this task easily and in less time.

What is it?

Vidscribe AI it is. It will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into 

any language you want, not just the text, but also the audio.

How does it work:

Step 1: Feed VidScribe AI videos from your YouTube or your PC.

Step 2: Upload your converted videos.

Step 3: Watch the traffic flow in from fresh sources when you use a call to action

What are the upgrade:

OTO1:VidScribe AI Pro

With this powerful upgrade, your customers get these pro level features.Support for unlimited YouTube and Facebook accounts.Unlimited video transcriptions and dubbing every day.Unlimited local language tag finderCommercial license with rights to trans-market other people’s videosReady-made salespage to recruit email marketing customers.2 years of free upgrade

OTO2:VidScribe AI Agency

This upgrade sells VidScribe AI accounts and keeps all the money.

OTO3:ViralReach Pro

This upgrade give u access to Powerful SAAS helps you get viral traffic from Facebook

OTO4: Traffic Jeet Pro

This upgrade give you The most powerful YouTube market research suite gets you to the top of YouTube marketing.


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