This is an evaluation of ContentStudio, a software platform created by SocialDeck to facilitate easy creation of professional content. The program allows you to create professional and high converting content with ease. The Features and Benefits section below explains the features this powerful content integration tool has to offer its users.

– Social Media Accounts Support – You can integrate your content with your social media accounts. Integrations support Twitter, Facebook, Google+ among others. To save time and effort you can even do the same in less than one minute. Also, with SocialDeck’s detailed documentation you can find out which content integrations work for your social media accounts.

– Social Media Automation – If you are not into social media automation, you might as well throw this tool away because it will not improve your productivity. However, ContentStudio has an all-inclusive automation system. For example, if you want to create new content, you just have to add a post to a blog, create a YouTube video and publish it to your social media accounts. You can also schedule your posts or make videos automatically through the ContentStudio dashboard.

– Content Discovery – First, let’s look at the content discovery feature. Ever had writer’s block? Ever been unsure about what kind of content people in your targeted niche would like to read? If so, then you’ll love ContentSudio’s content discovery feature. It’s a listening engine that crawls the web and finds the best content for your niche. Although it’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it doesn’t force you to rely on the platforms algorithms. You can set up complex queries to find the very best articles and blog posts from anywhere on the web. You can even use ContentStudio to identify the hottest topics in your niche right now. The tool will also generate captions (or pull quotes) from other sources that you can embed in your own content. In short, the content discovery feature will save you hours of research.

– WordPress Affiliate Plugin – This is another ContentStudio feature. The plugin enables you to create unique WordPress pages with the content from your content development company and add social media buttons. This eliminates the need for manually joining and leaving groups. When content is published, you can use the WordPress plugin ‘WP-CLI’ to publish content directly from your WordPress admin panel. To save time when editing content, you can also copy paste content from the content manager into WordPress.

– Advanced Topics – One of the best things about ContentStudio is the easy-to-use dashboard. You can create, edit and share your content within minutes without any complicated settings and navigation procedures. The feature allows you to create content marketing campaigns that target a broad range of topics. In fact, the ContentStudio review found that ContentStudio is one of the best content marketing automation tools available today. According to a content marketing specialist, ContentStudio is a great content marketing automation tool that is a perfect content creation, publishing and management solution.

– Advanced Insights – The ContentStudio review found that the application has a number of advanced insights and tools to help your content marketing plan. It gives you insights on how to identify the hot trends in content creation, which topics are in demand and provide you valuable information about content quality, content distribution and monetization, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and social media. This content discovery section also provides you with a complete list of keywords, meta tags and alternate tag descriptions.

– Automate tasks – ContentStudio is an ideal content automation feature and is used by content marketers across the world. In fact, the Content Studio provides you with the ability to automate tasks related to creating, publishing and managing content on social media accounts. The tool integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Digg. For example, if you are publishing a blog post on Facebook, you can automate the submission process using the Facebook ‘Insights’ tab. You can also track the amount of traffic coming to your content via the ContentStudio Analytics section.

– Social Inbox – ContentStudio offers a social inbox that enables you to practice customer service on multiple channels from just a single interface. Effectively, this feature acts as a help desk application. It tracks social media conversations like the more robust solutions track tickets. In addition to conversation tracking, ContentStudio will also notify you via email when there are messages and comments on your social channels. As of now, the tool supports interactions on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

– Pricing – How much does ContentStudio cost? Well, that depends on how many features you want to unlock. If you’re looking for a simple solution that supports no more than 10 social media accounts and a single blog, that will cost you $49 per month. However, if you’ve got 50 blogs you need to support, then be prepared to spend $299 per month. There are various levels of service between each plan as well.



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